Mobile Food Photography


Let's face it, nobody wants to lug around a heavy camera (and a whole bunch of lenses) all day in order to be able to indulge in great food photography. The good news is that smartphone cameras today can now take stunning pictures, and you don't need a great deal of technical knowledge to pull it off.

Drawing from real-world scenarios, this class will show you exactly what to do in specific situations where you need to take photos of food, including figuring out ideal indoor shooting locations, post-processing images using both free and paid mobile apps, and employing little-known hacks to drastically improve image quality.

before editing
after editing

For this class, we'll be using the iPhone as an example because it's one of the most widely used smartphone cameras. If you're using another mobile platform, don't worry. Android users can still make full use of this course since we'll be using apps compatible with both mobile operating systems.

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What You'll Learn

  1. What the Smartphone Camera Can Do and Not Do
  2. How to Tinker with your Phone Camera
  3. Advanced Techniques in Smartphone Photography
  4. What do Good Smartphones Food Photos Look Like
  5. How to Compose your Photos Using a Smartphone
  6. Our Favorite Editing Apps and How to Use Them
  7. What to do in Specific Situations

The class ends with a quiz so you can check how much you've actually learned. Aim for a perfect score!

Who's this For

Take this class if you want to:

  1. Maximize the power of your smartphone camera
  2. Take beautiful pictures of food even without a digital camera
  3. Have a great-looking Instagram feed but have no plans of pursuing food photography as a profession
  4. Deepen your knowledge on post-processing photographs on a smartphone

What You'll Need

You'll need an iPhone (or an Android smartphone) and reliable internet connection in order to download the apps that we'll be using in the course. No other special equipment are necessary.

Common Questions

Will my Instagram look better after this class?
Definitely. Just make sure to follow the steps that we specify and it will take you just a day to see a dramatic difference in your images. 

I'm on Android. Can I really learn from this class?
It will slightly be more challenging because some examples are not exact and the image quality will vary slightly, but you still can. The apps and settings that we'll be working with are available to both platforms. 

What if I didn't like the class?
It's a free class so you don't have anything to lose. We personally and manually read through all of the feedback. If you have anything to say—good or bad—it will help us tremendously. Thanks in advance!

How long is this class?
Our goal in Tablecrafter is to reduce the content to as little as possible—removing everything that's unnecessary—so you can learn in a matter of hours. If you're a fast learner, you can complete this class in under a couple of hours and get started practicing right away.

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