Digital Photography Essentials


Tablecrafter's Digital Photography Essentials is the definitive class for photography beginners covering the basics of photography using food as case studies. Learn how to capture motion from a bowl of eggs being whisked, or to blur a background from a sparkling glass of lemonade on a sunny day.

While we won't cover food photography in as much depth as Food Photography Fundamentals, we'll go through everything you'll need to start practicing digital photography with all the recent tools and technology, in the context of food.

Filled with food images and videos, this class is the best way to master a digital camera without painstaking hours of grueling training—all for free.

What You'll Learn

  1. Which File Format to Use: Jpeg vs Raw
  2. How to Focus with your Camera
  3. Mastery of Focal Length
  4. How to Choose Camera Lenses
  5. How to Use White Balance
  6. What is Exposure
  7. What is ISO
  8. What is Shutter Speed
  9. What is Aperture
  10. How to Use a Light Meter & Metering Modes
  11. How to Switch Between Shooting Modes

The class ends with a quiz so you can check how much you've actually learned. Aim for a perfect score!

Who's this For

Take this class if you want to:

  1. Learn how to use a digital camera for the first time.
  2. Refresh your memory on how to use a digital camera.
  3. Re-learn basic photography, but with food!
  4. Explore Tablecrafter's teaching method before purchasing a paid course.

What You'll Need

You'll only need a digital camera and an eagerness to learn.

You won't necessarily need expensive lenses and any high-end professional equipment. If you do have them, they'll help, but we can just work with what you already have.

You also won't need any prior photography knowledge. We'll start from the very beginning. If you've taken a picture with your smartphone, that's more than enough experience.

Common Questions

Is this class enough for me to master digital photography?
This class will teach you everything you need to know to confidently practice digital photography. If you work on it enough, you can use everything you learn in this class to move up from enthusiast to master. On top of that, you can revisit this class in the future, for free. 

Will this class turn me into a food photographer?
You'll need Food Photography Fundamentals for that. 

How long is this class?
Our focus is on getting you started practicing immediately. This means that we skip the parts that we feel are unnecessary to learning so we keep it as light and fast as possible. For us, the best way to learn is to make it as fun and easy at the beginning, and then let people get deeper into the craft with complex technical details later on. If you're a fast learner, you can complete this class in a few hours and get started practicing right away.

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