About Tablecrafter

Oh, we don't sell furniture.

We built Tablecrafter to make it incredibly fun and easy to learn how to shoot, style, and present food.

Mylene Chung began her photography career shooting obscure fashion spreads. Somewhere along the way, she realized that she had a bit more fun while fiddling with props, creating tabletop sets, and snacking on the post-shoot goods—which eventually led her to shoot just food.

For the last seven years, she has been running a food photography studio called PhotoKitchen, where she shoots food for clients: both neighborhood restaurants and multinational corporations like Coca-cola, Nestle, and the big advertising agencies.

It wasn't an easy path. She did not have a mentor and could not afford to study in a prestigious art school. Worse, most of the learning materials that were available online were dry, outdated, or too casual.

Photo of Tablecrafter founder, Mylene Chung OUR FOUNDERMylene Chung trying to look cool.

This is why we built Tablecrafter.

We hope that people who want to get into the craft of food presentation can do so at a fraction of the cost of art school, learn it in an incredibly short amount of time, and have great fun with it. Also, we want to help connect people: cooks, photographers, or simple food enthusiasts in a close-knit community that we'll try to build. And for those who want to do this professionally, we'll eventually offer resources and help for handling professional work.

In recent years, food photography and styling have risen in popularity because of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, but the resources to practice and learn it have not. It's a deep, immersive, and enjoyable craft, and strangely, nobody's talking about it.

But here we are, and we hope that you'll stay and join our little growing community.

OUR PROP LIBRARYOver a thousand items amassed in almost a decade.
Photo of Tablecrafters lighting equipment ADVANCED LIGHTINGFor those who want to take their skills to the next level.
Photo of Mylene Chungs cats, Loaf and Arthas OUR PRODUCTION ASSISTANTSArthas and Loaf say hello.

In the future, we plan to produce more classes covering different ways to present food: video production, packaging design, chef-like plating, prop production such as pottery or knitting, and others.

In the mean time, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. If you want to receive free content and updates, you can check out our free digital Magazine. If you just want to see beautiful photos, check out the Feed. And if you finally want to start learning, create a free account.

The Team

Mylene Chung @mylenechung
Food Photographer, sweaty feet
Inah Deloria @spaminah
Designer, shorter than Frodo
Andi Lanuza @andilanuza
UI Designer, keeps saying banana
Jenny Lapus @scentedplastic
Front-end Developer, noisy
Mika Bacani @junemonsters
Illustrator/Designer, hobo
Nilcah Ortico @nilcahortico
Operations Manager, bossy as hell